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What kind of work will we do together?

Image by Scott Rodgerson

Psychic Services

Intuitive readings

I'm here to see you- really and deeply see you.  I'm here to listen and to hold space, and hear what you need, even if it isn't spoken.  I'm here to ask you spirit-guided questions so that when our time is done, you can see your life and yourself with greater clarity and understanding.

I use a variety of tools for deeper understanding and for future forecasting.  The nature of your questions and issues will determine which method we will use.

Image by Veit Hammer

Mediumship and Spirit Work

Relationships and respect across the veil

I can help you communicate with your own spirit folk, and I can also help mediate any problems you may be experiencing with the spirits all around us.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for any spirit communication!


Energy Work

Cleansing and readings

Our energy body affects our physical bodies, our thought-life and our emotions.  We are affected every day, from within ourselves and outside of ourselves.  The emotions and energies of others, our own unresolved patterns- all this and more can affect our energy.

A cleanse for your subtle body is like a tune-up or a shower- we purge away what isn't ours to keep, and we are refreshed!  

An energetic cleanse can also be used as an excellent opportunity to diagnose any persistent energetic issues, and this is what an energy reading does.

Want to hear more about my methods?

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