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Your friendly neighborhood witch

Brigitte is a healer and hedgewitch, serving her community in person and online. 

From the daily to the deep issues, Brigitte offers guidance and solutions built on time-tested traditions.  She believes that the most powerful flex of spirituality is to help us live this life to the fullest, and will not settle for less.  

From the Pentecostal Church, she experienced and practiced Spirit-trance, faith healing and prophecy.  From the Baptist church, she learned that rigorous investigation was a healthy relationship to the sacred and from Catholicism she learned the power of ritual and tradition.  Her upbringing in an Italian immigrant household taught her that magic is always with us, and a poker game could become a divination session at any moment.  Her pagan grandmother taught her gardening and spinning, the interconnectedness of life and our place as humans in the web of all things.  

Brigitte is the creator of Mythic Journeys, a safe online communal space for seekers and survivors, live on Facebook.  As a survivor of a whole rainbow of traumas, Brigitte has been on her own healing journey for over 15 years, and she has infused energetic practice into active listening, validation and co-regulation.  In this state, it is possible to achieve spontaneous self-healing, by seeing ourselves through the eyes of an awakened heart.  Or as it says in the bible, “perfect love casts out fear.”

Brigitte HedgeRider is a gardener, fiber artist, jack of all trades, and curses like a sailor.  She has four children, who constantly remind her to live out her beliefs.  She is a reader and resident Hedgewitch at Rising Goddess in Tonawanda, NY, where she serves every Saturday from 12-6pm.  

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